MONTREAL -- Members of Montreal's Lebanese community gathered outside that country's consulate on Wednesday to remember the victims of the massive explosion that claimed more than 200 lives one year ago.

The blast also left thousands injured and tens of thousands homeless. Attendees expressed frustration at the lack of answers from the Lebanese government over the circumstances that led up to the explosion.

“No one has been charged. We are still yet to know the truth about the investigation that we were promised five days after the blast. It impacted the entire country and the diaspora,” said Stephani Moukhaiber, a spokesperson United Diaspora. “No one is accountable for this murderous act. We're here demanding justice and to lift immunities from all government officials that are being investigated in this case.”

Montreal was one of 15 cities that was home to demonstrations, including Beirut.

Moukhaiber said that she takes solace in the Lebanese diaspora's response to the explosion.

“The good thing is the international network was able to mobilize very quickly. It took us an hour to be able to start to work on different streams and different tracks. A team to collect medical aid, a team to collect financial aid, a team to figure out what the environmental impact of the blast was going to be.”