MONTREAL -- The animal-rendering factory Sanimax was the target of a protest in Riviere-des-Prairies Saturday, as hundreds want the company out of their neighbourhood.

Around 300 protesters point to a power outage on Fete Nationale that left about two dozen trucks filled with animal entrails lined up outside of the facility in the heat.

“In the heat, with a bit of wind, carcasses exposed,” said RDP resident Theo Vecera. “For us, enough is enough. The situation is terrible. It’s a situation that should not be happening in 2020.”

The RDP site disposes of animal matter from abattoirs and Sanimax has found itself the subject of the community’s ire in the past.

Two years ago, a truck heading for the facility crashed spilling entrails onto a busy street, a situation residents described as stomach-churning.

Sanimax has also been fined by the city in the past. 

Sanimax said in a statement that it is modernizing the facility and implementing measures to mitigate the impacts of its operations. The company also said it is meeting its legal obligations.