Premier Pauline Marois is continuing to use her European trip to drum up investments in Quebec.

Marois addressed the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce on Monday, several days after visiting the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

She touted her government's efforts to attract new investment with tax incentives for companies, including ten year tax holidays for companies investing substantial amounts, extra funding for research and development, and a push to restore some of the biochemical and pharmaceutical industries that once looked to Montreal as a base for skilled and educated employees.

"Quebec is a great place to invest. I invite you to spread the word," said Marois. "Quebec is open for investment, Quebec is open for business, Quebec is open for trade."

As an example, Marois was able to point to a UK firm that is setting up shop in Montreal.

The special effects company Framestore confirmed Monday it will be setting up a division in Montreal.

Boosted with a $900,000 interest-free loan from the provincial government, and aided by other, federal, tax incentives, the company aims to create 200 jobs in Montreal by the end of 2013.

Framestore already has three studios in London, New York and Los Angeles that employee 700 people