With nine members currently sitting in the National Assembly, the Parti Quebecois is searching for ways to reach younger voters.

The PQ started its pre-session caucus Thursday, unveiling its first new platform since 2017. It's a more straightforward document that spells out four core principles -- liberty, justice, the environment and Quebec nationalism.

The party hasn't chosen its permanent leader since Jean-Francois Lisee stepped down after the last provincial election.

Party star Veronique Hivon, the MNA for Joliette, reiterates she's not interested in the post.

"Right now in my life it's not something compatible with my family's priorities," she said.

Nor is interim leader Pascal Berube, who said the leadership will be decided later.

"But not now," he said. "We want to focus on the what, not the who."

The party is trying to attract younger voters as members try to rebrand the PQ as more of a movement than a political party.

It is even openly talking about changing its logo – or its name.

The party will vote on the platform at an extraordinary national congress slated for Nov. 9 and 10 in Trois-Rivieres.