Parti Quebecois leader Pauline has finally released her party’s long-awaited financial plan, promising $992 million in new spending over the next five years, or about $200 million per year.

Marois, in a press conference Friday afternoon, said that the money would be raised through increased revenue from projected financial growth, as well as higher taxes on people earning more than $130,000 as well as $5.5 billion from the Generations Fund.

Post-secondary tuitions would be frozen, at the cost of $150 million. The cost of the $7-a-day daycare program would also remain frozen without indexation, at the cost of $50 million.

The Parti Quebecois would also abolish the $200 health tax, a measure which would cost the province about $1 billion.

Contributions to home care for seniors would be increased under a Marois government, she vowed.

Her promises include a $1,000 contribution towards the sporting or recreational activity of each child.

Tax hikes on those earning over $130,000 would be projected to raise around $650 million in additional revenues.

The price tag of the PQ's promises is tagged at $992 million, lower than that of the Liberal plan, which was estimated at $1.2 billion and far lower than the CAQ program, which would cost $3.6 billion.

Government spending increases would be limited to 2.4 percent under the plan, while the Liberals have been promising a limit of 2 percent, a total Marois described as “unrealistic.”

-With a file from The Canadian Press