The Parti Quebecois is heading to Saguenay to prepare for the session of the National Assembly, but the meeting is being overshadowed by reports of problems between Pierre Karl Peladeau and his chief of staff.

Pierre Duchesne was named Peladeau's chief of staff after failing to be re-elected in 2014.

However it seems his style of managing PQ staffers isn't sitting well with a lot of people in the party.

Duchesne has been called "abrasive" and is accused by anonymous insiders of pushing out veteran staffers and those who disagree with Peladeau's vision.

On Tuesday La Presse reported that Duchesne's days are numbered, and the only reason PKP has yet to fire Duchesne is because he cannot find anyone to replace him.

However, on Tuesday morning the two were smiling and standing side-by-side as they arrived at UQAC. Peladeau told reporters that he has no intention of getting rid of Duchesne or any other member of his staff. 

The latest behind-the-scenes person to leave the PQ is Louise-Andrée Moissan.

She was a director of research recruited by Duchesne, after he got rid of Simon Berthiaume.

Berthiaume's dismissal did not sit well with many people, and Moissan's departure on Monday, after a few months on the job, is being interpreted as yet another sign of tension in a party that is known for infighting.

On Tuesday night Peladeau will be speaking at a rally in Chicoutimi to drum up support for the PQ and for Quebec's independence.

Chicoutimi is the former riding of Stephane Bedard, who himself left the PQ after nearly 17 years as an MNA.

He was interim leader, and then PQ House Leader, but quit the party after Peladeau gave the job of House Leader to Bernard Drainville.

This is forcing a by-election in Chicoutimi, at a period when support for the PQ is lower than it has been in years.