MONTREAL - Four days after strong winds downed trees and power lines across the province, Hydro-Quebec lineworkers were still working to re-establish power to more than 10,000 customers on Tuesday evening. 

At the height of Friday's storm, 990,000 customers were without electricity, the agency said. Since then, 1500 workers have been busy removing fallen trees near power lines and re-connecting Quebecers to the grid. 

The remaining power outages, however, are tricky to fix, Hydro-Quebec said in a press release. Isolated blackouts -- each affecting only a few homes -- are more tedious to repair. 

"Work in the field remains challenging for our crews," the agency wrote. "There are still hundreds of sites where we must carry out work, and many are in areas that are difficult to reach. These repairs, which can be lengthy, only restore service to a small number of customers. Of the remaining outages, 85 per cent affect fewer than 20 customers, and 50 per cent affect fewer than three."