The Canadiens summer development camp is a long process where the Habs evaluate talent and improve skills. The six-day trial is packed with skating drills, but on a Saturday morning it gets fun when the Habs hold their only scrimmage.

This year PK Subban displayed his talents to full effect during the scrimmage, putting on a show with stretch passes, penalty shot moves, and dazzling spins.

His talent was noticed by the Director of Player Development, Trevor Timmins.

"You can't hide PK's ability, Webby's ability, [or] Maxwell's poise," said Timmins.

Subban is glad for the notice, but says he still has work to do. '

"I don't if I will be going on or not, but my focus now is on getting stronger and getting myself ready for camp," said Subban.

The biggest surprise of scrimmage day was Mac Bennett. The 17-year-old high school player looked extremely comfortable on the ice, with poise to match his older peers.

"I'm pretty calm with the puck. I wasn't expecting to be as calm with it as I was here," said Bennett.

Timmins agrees, saying "Mac looks like he's been here for a couple of development camps. He has a lot of poise and ability for his young age."

Timmins also said that 6th round draft pick Dustin Walsh caught his eye, which the player found interesting.

"It's nice to know that Trevor thought I played well out there," said Walsh. "It's nice to know that the right people are noticing."

Other draft picks, including Louis Leblanc, Alexander Avtsin and Yannick Weber showed lots of potential during the scrimmage.