Cote des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grace followed in the footsteps of the central on Sunday night, electing a political newcomer as borough mayor over the more politically established incumbent.

Former Montreal Gazette journalist Sue Montgomery, who ran on Valerie Plante's Projet Montreal ticket, was elected with 47 percent of the vote.

Her victory put an end to the one-term tenure of Mayor Russell Copeman, who was elected borough mayor in 2013 under the Coalition Montreal banner but jumped ship to Equipe Denis Coderre in 2016.

The CDN-NDG council consists of three Projet Montreal councillors, including two incumbents, and two other experienced councillors.

Analysts pointed out that if it was a separate city, CDN-NDG would be the sixth-largest city in the province, and it is now run by someone who is "completely inexperienced in terms of managing."

Marlene Jennings said Montgomery will have to rely on other people for support as she faces a very steep learning curve.

"If what Valerie Plante says is true, that she's going to try and build alliances and listen to everyone, then Sue Montgomery has someone who's part of the borough council who knows: Lionel Perez knows how to manage. He's been responsible for some major files," said Jennings.

"My concern is that Denis Coderre had strong people and if they were originally elected under another banner, he brought them in. Russell Copeman for instance. These were people who knew how to deal with the public service, who did not allow the public service to run rings around them."

Prior to his time in municipal politics Copeman was a longtime MNA, representing the Notre-Dame-de-Grace riding, which led Montgomery to accuse Copeman during the campaign of being a career politician.

Montgomery promised to provide to add more hybrid buses to routes throughout the area, expand a bus stop near the Montreal West train station, and make streets safer. She also promised better living conditions for CDN residents in low-income housing.

Since leaving her job as a reporter Montgomery made international headlines for starting the Twitter hashtag #beenrapedneverreported, where women shared their stories of why they didn't go to authorities after a sexual assault.

This is Montgomery's first political sucess. In 2015 she tried and failed to become the NDP candidate for the riding of NDG-Westmount.

Coalition Montreal candidate Zaki Ghavitian came in third with over 8 percent of the vote.