Police are now considering the disappearance of a woman from Little Burgundy as a possible homicide and are seeking a suspect in the case.

Tricia Boisvert, 36, was last seen Friday at 7 p.m. driving away from her home in Little Burgundy.

She and her vehicle have not yet been found.

Police are now seeking to locate Philippe Steele-Morin, 30, who is a suspect in the case. He is likely in the Gatineau region and is considered dangerous due to his criminal record, said Montreal police Const. Simon Delorme. Is he wanted in Gatineau on another case.

Police say they are now considering the case a homicide due to information revealed after an arrest of a person connected to the case was made.

Delorme added that there was a good possibility Steele-Morin knew Boisvert, and said it is clear, at least, that she was targeted.

Montreal police investigators and forensic specialists combed through Tricia Boisvert's home on Notre Dame near Dominion in an attempt to find clues connected to her disappearance.

Boisvert, originally from Hinton, Alberta, moved to Montreal from Ottawa about four years ago and still has close ties to that city.

According to other media reports, Boisvert had been talking on the phone with a friend from Ottawa when she was interrupted by a visitor, a close male friend also from Ottawa.

Friends have set up a Facebook page in hopes of publicizing the woman's case.

Montreal police representative Raphael Bergeron told CTV Montreal that there were several oddities involved in Boisvert's disappearance, which appeared sudden and unannounced.

"We're talking about evidence found inside the apartment of Tricia Boisvert, personal belongings that she usually brings with her," said Bergeron.

Boisvert was driving a black Pontiac G6, licence plate 156 XQG, and her car is now believed to be in western Quebec.

She is 1.74 m and 64 kg (5'8", 140 lb) with white skin and long brown hair.

Anyone with information about Boisvert or Steele-Morin is asked to call 9-1-1 or make an anonymous and confidential call to Info-Crime at 514-393-1133.