Montreal police are seeking the public’s help in tracking down two people who smashed a jewelry case at the Bay in Fairview and fled with $25,000 worth of pearl jewelry.

Two hooded men entered the Pointe-Claire mall by the east door on May 14, and headed for the accessories and jewelry department.

The first man broke the windows of six jewelry displays using a hammer. The two suspects seized a variety of pearl jewelry valued at approximately $25,000.

They then escaped through the east door of the store, travelling on foot on the pedestrian path leading to the Saint-John Blvd. overpass at Highway 40.

Customers and employees left the store in a panic, confusing the noise of the shattered windows with gunshots. No one was injured.

The two suspects were dressed identically: both wore black pants, a royal blue sweater, black shoes, a black hood, a black cap and mirrored sunglasses.

The first thief was a white man who is 1.88 metres (6'1'') tall, weighs 77 kg (170 lbs), and was wearing a white glove on his left hand only. He carried a black bag for the stolen goods.

The second thief is 1.73 metres (5'8") tall and weighs 61 kg (135 lbs.). He was wearing white gloves on both hands.

Anyone who can identify or locate the suspects is urged to contact Info-Crime Montreal by phone at 514 393-1133 or online here.

The information will be treated anonymously and confidentially.