MONTREAL -- Police continued searches Wednesday for the prime suspect in the killing of a woman in Montreal’s Park Extension neighbourhood.

A 32-year-old woman died in an apartment on Birnam Street near Saint-Roch Street on Monday. Neighbours say they heard screams coming from the home prior to the incident.

The victim’s husband, Navdeep Ghotra, 30, has been missing ever since.

Police began searches Tuesday in the waters around Rivière des Prairies on the north end of Montreal. A source told CTV News that the man’s car was found near the Lachapelle Bridge, spanning Rivière des Prairies between Montreal and Laval.

Officers say they “strongly believe” he jumped into the water, but are exploring other possibilities.

Ghotra allegedly called family members in India showing them video of the crime scene. His family in India then contacted local authorities who called Montreal police.

The couple had two children together. Neighbours say after Sunday’s killing, police were trying to find the couple’s daughter, who ran away. She was found a short time later.

Neighbour Tariq Chaudry lived below the family and said police searched his apartment looking for the girl.

"Police officers came about 4:30 but the other police officers came before six o'clock. They also came inside and checked up everything," he said.

Last May, Ghotra was released on bail with conditions after allegedly uttering threats against a woman. Court records show he was awaiting a trial date on Oct. 8 stemming from his arrest on May 19.

The building's concierge, Joseph Fernando, told CTV News the victim in Monday's killing had asked that the locks to her apartment be changed in April after a fight with her spouse.

“She said to him she’s going to call the police, so he left the house. So she was rushing me to change the lock,” he said.

A couple of days later, Fernando said the man was back in the building.

“He came inside the building and I said, ‘You’re not allowed to come inside the building because your wife doesn’t want to come in.’ The wife called me again and said, ‘No I want to take back my husband.’”

- With files from CTV News Montreal's Matt Grillo and Iman Kassam