MONTREAL - Montreal police officers are gearing up for a large protest tomorrow, and it won't be about tuition. Scheduled to start at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, the annual Anti-Police Brutality Demonstration targets the police themselves.

Over the past 16 protests, only two have been peaceful.

In typical years the protesters have gathered at a metro station and then marched through the streets. The protests have typically ended in a violent clash with police that have resulted in multiple arrests, often in the hundreds.

In 2011, 258 people were arrested. In the previous two years, over 300 found themselves in custody.

This year, police are telling the public to stay out of the way and plan to use social media to warn Montrealers about where the protesters are going.

The SPVM twitter account, @SPVM, will be updated frequently with the location of the march using the hashtag #manifencours.

"The moment that the law is broken, that is when we will react," said Chief Inspector Alain Bourdages. "I've seen sticks with nails taped to them, they also throw bottles, rocks and blocks of ice. At the moment that you attack a police officer, that is when we respond.

"If the manifestation goes bad and we give the order to disperse, I hope that they disperse."

The Montreal police showed an arsenal of tools to the media on Wednesday, including mace, chemical deterrents and stun grenades. The police say they will use the weapons when necessary.

Stun grenades and chemical weapons were most recently used last week during a large protest by students outside Loto-Quebec headquarters on Sherbrooke Street.

"I saw the police beating people, a bomb exploded very close to my face, that isn't supposed to happen," said Jonathan, a student who described anti-tuition protests over the past month. "We weren't doing anything."

Several people were injured in the altercation outside Loto-Quebec, including one man who may lose the use of one of his eyes.

"Some people will go there to fight the police, I'm going to go and show solidarity for the guy who lost his eye. This isn't acceptable."

The Montreal police will have their hands full on Thursday, as another student protest is scheduled for the morning.