MONTREAL -- Police opened fire on a suspect while responding to a call in Longueuil on Tuesday. 

According to Longueuil police, the policewoman opened fire in the man's direction after he displayed “aggressive and threatening behaviour.”

In all, six people were taken to hospital, including two to be treated for shock, though Longueuil police spokesperson Ghyslaind Vallieres said none of their lives are in danger.

According to police, the suspect was “armed with an object in his hands” and he turned and rushed towards the policewoman who then opened fire.

The suspect was arrested by other officers who had arrived as reinforcements. The 36-year-old man has a criminal history and will be charged with an assault with a weapon, though Vallieres said other charges could be added.

Police said the incident began with an argument inside an apartment that appears to have escalated outside.

Vallieres said the incident took place in “a family context.”

“There were several people from different age groups present,” he said. “There was a child, who was in the presence of his mother, who was taken care of, who was not in danger.”

Several witnesses were interviewed as police attempted to reconstruct the chronology of events.