MONTREAL- Laval police have released a series of mysterious photos that they hope will spark leads in an eight-year-old murder investigation.

The photos were delivered anonymously to the mother of a Vimont, Laval woman killed on February 12, 2004.

Nadia Panarello was last seen alive that morning at home by family members.

She never made her way to work, and her body was found stabbed to death upstairs at her home.

A few hours after the shocking discovery, Nadia Panarello's mother received a pack of photos, dropped off anonymously at her home.

The photos do not include images of the victim. One shows a man posing at what appears to be a chalet in the Laurentians.

Other photos show a woman enjoying the sun in what appears to be a vacation to Cuba or the Dominican Republic.

It was not believed that Panarello was in either of those places and police would like to find those unidentified individuals for questioning.

They are not considered suspects but might hold information that could kick-start the case.

Laval homicide detectives have previously received tips concerning the murder, but hit a dead end.

"There was certain information that came in that brought us a little bit closer to the persons in question, but nothing came of it," said Laval police representative Franco Di Genova.

The killer does not appear to have been seeking to rob the home, so the exact motive remains unknown.

The possibility that the murder might have been a crime of passion has not categorically been ruled out.

"That was also looked into but at this point I can't confirm to you if it was or wasn't," said Di Genova.

Laval police would like anybody with information to contact them at 450-662-4636.