MONTREAL - Stephen Harper knows his Quebec reality TV.

Canada's Prime Minister raised a few eyebrows in cyberspace Wednesday when he released a photograph of himself welcoming the two winners of a Quebec reality romance program called Occupation Double.

Andréanne Marquis and Hubert Harvey are seen in the photo listening attentively while Canada’s leader speaks to them in his office.

The photo came with the PM’s note: “Had the pleasure to meet and Andréanne and Hubert at my office."

Harper proved that he knew the lingo of the show, in which participants compete for love, by dropping the term ODTV, an acronym usually employed by close followers of the program.

Harper initiated the meeting, although it came after Hubert Harvey made some interested mention of Harper and the Conservatives in an interview over the holidays.

In a separate interview Wednesday, Harvey defended the PM for welcoming TV personalities, while being a lot slower to meet native leaders.

Harvey noted that the meeting was initially slated for Friday but was bumped by Harper’s more serious affairs.

Marquis is currently studying communications and political science, while Hubert works as a youth counselor but he said he’d be happy to run for the Conservatives.

“I’m well loved in Quebec and I think he needs to bolster his image because people have a negative perception of him,” said Harvey.