Montreal's plan to keep some bars open until 6 a.m., which was set to kick off next week, was debated in court Thursday.

The liquor board is holding two days of public hearings to make a decision on whether to allow the city to begin the pilot project.

The plan is to allow 19 bars on Crescent and St. Denis streets to be open until 6 a.m. for four consecutive weekends this summer.

But since the project was announced, some have come forward with criticism and questions about public security and noise.

At Thursday’s hearing, the owner of a hotel on St. Denis said he felt the city didn't think about the big picture before announcing their plan.

“We really hope that the pilot project gets cancelled, or it doesn't get into action because we don't want them to be open until 6 a.m., said Ricky Gandhi.

“We want it to stop at, 3 (a.m.) is enough, it causes enough problems for citizens and hotel owners at it is, we really don't want the hours to be extended.”

Michel Lavallee, owner of l'Ile Noire pub on St. Denis, one of the bars included in the pilot project, said it makes sense there are only 19 bars included in the pilot project, because if the city allowed all bars were able to stay open that long, “it’s going to be out of control.”

He said he is hoping that eventually bars will be allowed to stay open until 6 on nights there are special events, such as Nuit Blanche.

“People, at 3 o’clock, they’re on the street, and that’s when there’s violence because they have nowhere to go,” he said.

Mayor Denis Coderre has said the project aims to boost tourism and Montreal’s image as a party city.

The liquor board is expected to make a decision within the next week.

The bars that are slated to take part in the project are: Ziggy's, Burger Bar Crescent, Electric Avenue Bar, Bar Seven, Winnie's, Sir Winston Churchill Pub, Karina Club Lounge, Xotika, Club Extreme and further east, L'Abreuvoir, l'Amere a boire, Bistro a Jojo, Cafe Hookah Lounge, Diablos, En Cachette Speakeasy, Le. St. Bock, l'Ile Noire, Loup Garou, Passeport, Point Bar and the Quartier Latin Pub