Oprah Winfrey visited a school in Montreal Monday, making the dream of an English teacher and lifelong Oprah fan come true.

For most of her 20-year teaching career, Valerie Kamel has been infusing her classes with Oprah's wisdom, using old shows and master classes as part of her curriculum. Her students at College Beaubois in Pierrefonds posted a video to Instagram to get Oprah's attention, and they succeeded.

While giving a talk at the Bell Centre Sunday night, Oprah surprised Kamel by telling her she would visit the school the next day.

The students were in fine form Monday, screaming with joy to meet their teacher’s hero.

"It showed such determination, drive and persistence, which is what you need to be a good leader in the world," Oprah told the students.

The famed talk show host and entertainment mogul greeted the students, and went on stage in the gymnasium to speak with them and answer questions. She spoke about mental health and identity, telling the students that in her heart she is a teacher – and that education is very close to her heart.

Kamel said that now that her dream has come true, she will continue to use Oprah’s wisdom to inspire a generation of students.

"I just want health and happiness. That is it. There is nothing, nothing left. This is it. Point final," she said.



Oprah was in Montreal for a stop on her Your Path Made Clear book tour, and of Sunday night sported a Toronto Raptors jacket in a nod to the Canadian NBA team’s win last week.

“Everyone says Canadians are kind and that was proven especially true in Montreal tonight. Thank you for giving me your Sunday night, I loved being with you. Enjoy the Toronto @raptors parade tomorrow! #PathMadeClear,” she posted to Instagram.



It appears Oprah Winfrey stayed in Montreal for several days after her speech. On Wednesday she posted a photo of herself in Mount Royal Park before heading to Calgary.

- With files from Meredith MacLeod of CTVNews.ca