Media magnate and MNA Pierre Karl Peladeau suffered multiple fractures in a bike accident Sunday, the Parti Quebecois has confirmed.

Peladeau, an experienced cyclist, was riding on Route 1 in Camping du Lac Stukely in the Eastern Townships when he either swerved or hit an obstacle on the paved road and took a hard fall.

He has eight fractures, including to his collar bone and hip bone. He might have also suffered a concussion, despite wearing a helmet.

His life is not in danger.

Orford Park director Brigitte Marchand said she has never heard of a major accident on this road, and wondered if either a squirrel or deer ran into the road.

Tuesday marks the beginning of the spring session at the National Assembly.

Peladeau cannot walk and is currently hospitalized at the Universite de Sherbrooke Hospital Centre, which means he will miss at least his first week of work as an MNA.

He was elected in the April 7 election, during which the PQ finished in a second place with a dismal 25 per cent of the popular vote, its worst showing in decades.

Pauline Marois, the PQ leader at the time, lost her seat and resigned election night.

Peladeau is considered by some to be a top contender for the leadership position.

In the event that Peladeau misses most or all of the session, there is speculation his absence could give his rivals in the party time to team up, putting him at a disadvantage in the PQ leadership race.

"He's an important part of the team and we hope he'll be back as quickly as possible," added PQ MNA Bernard Drainville.

In a statement, he said he is not taking any days off and that he has been keeping up with his duties while confined to his hospital bed.