A 22-year-old man is dead and a 17-year-old is under arrest following a police chase in Montreal.

It started soon after midnight Tuesday when someone reported a hit and run Pointe aux Trembles involving what turned out to be a stolen truck.

Police gave chase but stopped when they decided it was too risky. However the truck was later spotted in Montreal North, and police officers resumed their pursuit.

As the driver, heading west on Marie-Victorin St., slowed down to turn north onto Langelier Blvd., the passenger jumped out -- and was crushed under the truck's rear wheels.

Retired Sureté du Quebec crash reconstruction expert Pierre Bellemare said the passenger took a big chance jumping out of a moving truck.

"When you go right with a truck or any vehicle, the rear axle always tracks inside," said Bellemare.

"Probably the guy slipped on the road. Maybe. We don't know."

The driver of the truck didn't stop but was eventually caught by the SQ in Mascouche near the intersection of Highways 25 and 640.

Because the chase involved a death, the investigation was taken over by the Independent Bureau of Investigation, BEI, with its own team examining the scene.

"We have three important, two major factors in this accident," said Bellemare. "We have human factors, we have vehicle factors, and environmental factors."

The driver of the truck is a 17-year-old who now faces a number of charges in youth court.