MONTREAL -- Dozens of parents are braving the cold this weekend, lined up and hoping to enroll in Royal Vale School.

By Friday night at 8 p.m., 30 parents were camped out for 35 spots at the zone-free, French immersion school in NDG.

Single mother Shannon Gendron pitched a tent Friday to get her five-year-old son Max into the elementary school.

"It's really important that he learns both (languages) young, so that he speaks it very well when he's older," she said.

It's a yearly ritual for those wanting to enter the school.

"It definitely set me up for the foundation, giving me the bilingualism is an asset," said Ashley Smolar, who went to the school and wants the same for her child.

Gendron and others already have their children on a list, but need to wait until Monday at 6 a.m. when registration opens.

"He'll probably say I'm crazy, but he'll realize it's for a good cause at some point," she said.