Pamela Porter was unsuccessful in trying to convince a judge to ease her bail conditions.

The wife of Arthur Porter, the former head of the MUHC, is charged with conspiracy and money laundering in an alleged fraud scheme involving the construction of the McGill superhospital.

The Porters were arrested in Panama earlier this year, with Pamela deciding not to fight extradition and arriving in Montreal in June.

She was granted bail in August but wanted permission to live in Florida with her second eldest daughter while awaiting trial.

The testimony made in court Thursday is subject to a publication ban, but her lawyer argued that Porter has obeyed all her conditions and has no reason not to continue to do so.

The Crown opposed changes to bail conditions, saying if Porter chose to disobey restrictions while in Florida there would be very little the Canadian justice system could do while she is in another country.

On Thursday afternoon Justice Rejean Paul agreed with the Crown, and ruled Porter must stay in Quebec and obey her original bail conditions.

“Flight risk was actually the main reason why this proposal was rejected by the court,” said Crown Prosecutor Marie-Helene Giroux.

Giroux said that her husband might be on his way to Montreal too.

"The Panamanian authorities have ordered his extradition and he's contesting in front of the courts so we're awaiting for his return to Canada," she said.

When Porter was granted bail she was under the impression her preliminary hearing would begin in September, and that her daughters would visit her for emotional support.

Four months later it has become clear her preliminary hearing will not begin until March 2015, with a trial scheduled for 2016, and her children have not visited since she was granted bail.