Montrealers looking to shuck some oysters are in luck: the tasty shellfish will be available at a steep discount at 14 Montreal restaurants throughout the week.

Oystermania runs from Oct. 17 to 27 and chefs are preparing thousands of the mollusks.

“We’ve already done three to four thousands in just one day so I think before the festival is over we’ll do quite a few,” said L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel Executive Chef Ola Claesson.

Festival co-founder Alex Bar said the festival might focus on one thing but offers plenty of variety.

“Different restaurants offer different experiences. For example, last night we had a champagne pairing, some other places we have pairings with their signature cocktail. Some other places will offer wine,” he said.

Those looking to indulge can pick their ideal pairing at the festival’s website and purchase an online voucher.