MONTREAL -- Outremont residents on Tuesday night expressed their frustration over parking changes in the borough.

The parking changes have already been adopted, but the borough agreed to hold consultations after the fact. Any budgetary concerns, however, were not up for debate.

Under the new regulations, parking in Outremont is permit-only. Those permits cost between $100 to $140. Free parking, for any spot longer than two hours, has effectively been banned.

At Monday's meeting, residents questioned why specific regulations had been adopted. One senior said the two hour maximum for street parking isolated her. One business owner complained the rules would force her employees to buy a permit just to come to work.

"The questions are answered in a clinical way by a civil servant. We wanted answers from our mayor. We elected that mayor. He's supposed to represent us, and he doesn't even feel he has to answer to his citizens," said Marc Poulin, an Outremont citizen who was at the meeting.

Borough mayor Philipe Tomlinson received an earful from some residents who accused him of disrespecting them by using his phone in the back of the room and not taking questions directly.

He said his administration had made an effort to listen to as many people as possible before making changes to the parking regulations. Outremont will use the $400,000 in expected revenue from the parking fees to invest in green initiatives.

"Since the signs have been put up -- end of December -- I've had a lot of positive feedback from people who say 'wow its a lot easier to find parking around my house.' So, that has been working. It can always get better, but so far it is working," he said.