Quebec's chief Crown prosecutor wants to hear from the head of Montreal's police union.

Last week, Montreal Police Brotherhood President Yves Francoeur claimed that political interference blocked a criminal case against two Liberal MNAs.

He said the MNAs were targeted by a police investigation in 2012 under suspicion of fraud and influence peddling.

Francoeur told a Montreal radio host the investigation stalled despite evidence from surveillance and wiretaps, adding that the case was closed without charges because Liberal politicians were involved.

Chief Crown prosecutor Annick Murphy said she never saw the file and called the claims unfounded.

“What's been said hasn't been demonstrated,” she said. “We don't know what this is about.”

Murphy is calling on Francoeur to get in touch with her or the province's anti-corruption unit UPAC with any information he has.

She added that she takes the allegations personally because it calls her integrity and the integrity of the Crown's office into question.

Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee is asking why Francoeur hasn't contacted Murphy.

“Maybe he has motivations behind his actions,” she said.

Francoeur’s claim that shook the Liberal Party, and is giving the opposition fresh ammunition.

At a justice committee meeting Monday, the PQ and the CAQ questioned Murphy about Francoeur's allegations.

“I'm just asking the questions that need to be asked exactly for the purpose of protecting our institutions, and the confidence of the people in our institutions,” said PQ justice critic Veronique Hivon.

Francoeur is keeping a low profile and hasn't spoken to the media since his explosive radio interview last week.