Most optometrists in Quebec are pulling out of the public funding of eye exams by March 10.

The Quebec Association of Optometrists said that 90 percent of its members will no longer participate in RAMQ because of the low payments offered by the healthcare plan.

Steve Carrier, president of the AOQ, said the $42 offered by RAMQ for an eye exam, with $12 for an optical emergency, is far too little.

Those were the terms offered by RAMQ in December in a five-year contract.

Meanwhile the optometrist association recommends eye doctors charge $95 for private eye exams.

RAMQ covers eye exams for those under 18, those over 65, people who have been on social assistance for at least 12 months, and those with permanent visual impairment.

Carrier said that's grown to more than half of all patients because of the aging population.