The opposition at the National Assembly is criticizing the Liberals for spending too much money on doctors' salaries as Quebec's deal with medical specialists continues to make waves.

The agreement in principle with the Quebec's 10,000 medical specialists gives doctors a salary increase of just over 11 per cent over an eight-year stretch.

They will also receive a $1.5 billion payout, owed to them from a previous agreement.

Critics argue the deal puts too much in doctor's pockets and not enough in the healthcare system.

“It's not fair and we're talking about billions of dollars,” said CAQ leader Francois Legault, who argues that taxpayers should have a say. “I challenge Mr. Couillard to submit this agreement with the specialists to Quebecers in the next elections.”

PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisee said this is a rare case where he agrees with Legault.

Quebec Solidaire MNA Amir Khadir is going so far as to call on Health Minister Gaetan Barrette to resign.

“I don't know what he can really say. He has lost any credibility. That's why we are asking for his dismissal,” he said.

Barrette dismissed the suggestion.

“It's a masquerade,” he said. “It's a recruitment tactic for Quebec Solidaire. They have the right to do that.”

Premier Philippe Couillard is supporting the health minister, and said they won’t back out of the deal or wait for the fall election.