Logan Mailloux believes he has changed tremendously and is grateful to be participating in his first official activities with the Montreal Canadiens.

Almost a year after being selected late in the first round by the Habs, Mailloux is attending the team's development camp.

The Tricolore's management granted him the privilege after judging that the programs he has followed and the sincerity with which he has done so have made him a better person.

"To see his growth and development through all of this, the sincerity with which he's done all these programs, it's remarkable," said Habs director of player development Rob Ramage. "Even yesterday, when Sheldon Kennedy came to speak at our Respect and Consent program, it was as if Logan had already done that program. He was a leader in the responses and the group was very engaged. The kids took it all in stride."

Mailloux found himself in hot water for taking and sharing a photo of a partner during a sexual act without her consent in the fall of 2020, while playing in Sweden. The Swedish justice system fined him twice for his crimes.

Days before the July 2021 draft, Mailloux asked NHL teams not to select him, claiming he did not deserve the privilege.

However, Canadiens management at the time did not respect his request, drafting him without his consent.

-- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on July 12, 2022.