A man was arrested by the Surete du Quebec after a suspicious vehicle was intercepted around 3 p.m. in La Malbaie. 

Police arrived on-scene around 3 p.m. and erected a perimeter around the vehicle, believed to contain "suspicious packages," according to reports. 

Police intercepted the vehicle a short distance from the protest zone because they suspected there were incendiary devices inside it.

The SQ has not confirmed how or where this information was obtained.

The car was pulled onto the sidewalk, emptied, photographed, and searched by sniffer dogs. Richelieu Street in La Malbaie closed down temporarily as police conducted their operation, but has since re-opened to traffic. 

The car was loaded onto a flatbed truck and carted away from the scene.

The Surete du Quebec have not confirmed whether the man will face charges or whether there was a criminal intent.

They did say, however, that nothing found in the car would pose a risk to the public. 

More to come.