MONTREAL -- In golf, a hole-in-one is always a special occasion.

Quebec golfer Laurent Hurtubise's ace happened on one of the world's biggest stages -- and it captured the world's attention because he has only one arm.

The amateur golfer made the incredible shot last Thursday at the PGA Tour American Express 2020 in California.

"I'm all over the world right now," said Hurtubise, back in his home province.

The video views of his golf shot are in the millions.

"It's still being seen in Portugal, Spain, Germany -- 6, 7 , 8 million, I don't know," he said.

Media requests from all over the world have required him to get an agent.

Standing on the tee box that day, Hurtubise said his caddy gave him specific instructions: cut 6 iron to carry the water.

"I heard a thump. You know the kind you hear when the pros hit it? I crunched it," he said.

The tour pro he was playing with said it was the best shot he had ever seen – and his golf buddies say it couldn't have happened to a better guy.

"The guy has talent. He is a fighter, and I was very, very happy for him and to go on tour with the pros. It's awesome," said Stephane Baril.

Childhood friend Tommy Svendsen said Hurtubise has always been a great athlete.

"All the sports you play with your hands, that's what he was good at," he said.

Hurtubise says he understands the fascination with his story but doesn't see it the same way others do.

"The story for me is a hole-in-one at a PGA Tour event. The story for other people is how can this guy do it with one arm?" he said.

Being born without most of his right arm never held Hurtubise back. He played baseball and hockey as a child, and always saw an advantage in what others might see as a disadvantage.

"People tell me all the time when we play golf, 'Can you imagine how good you could've been with two arms?' and I say 'No, I never imagined it,'" he said. "My head would've been different; the perseverance and the determination might not have been there as much. So this is me."