The oldest cat and dog in Quebec were in Montreal on Friday.

Hortense the Scottish Fold cat from Piedmont, turned 21 on April 6, 2017.

Veterinarians say that's the equivalent of a human living to the age of 105.

The oldest known dog in the province is Cachou, a Yorkshire Terrier aged 17. That dog is from Saint Felix de Valois.

Both animals made appearances at the 28th annual small animal veterinarian convention taking place at the Montreal Convention Centre (Palais des congres).

Vets said that 40 percent of cats in Quebec are more than eight years old, with non-francophones tending to own older animals than francophones.

In fact, 30 percent of cats owned by non-francophones are more than 12 years old, while only 10.5 percent of cats living with francophones are that old.