Many people didn’t even stop to listen when four-time Grammy Award-winner Seal joined a Montreal busker for a duet of the song "Stand By Me" this week in Old Montreal's Place d'Armes.

A few lucky passersby did, however, notice that something special was going on.

Busker Jason Deeh Pitre said he couldn't believe his luck when he realized the man who had been watching and humming along to his music was actually one of his favourite singers.

Seal is seen on the left watching Jason Deeh Pitre perform in Old Montreal.

“(His was the) first CD I ever bought,” said Deeh Pitre, who said the famous singer told him he was on his way to play a private gig when he stopped to listen.

“He said, ‘Hey, I like how you sing,’ and he was really ‘Wow,’ and I was like, ‘Okay... are you Seal?’” he said.

Deeh Pitre said the singer didn't want to talk about himself and complimented him, then asked if he wanted to sing with him.

Seal chose the Ben E. King ballad “Stand By Me.”

Video of Seal's seemingly impromptu duet with Deeh Pitre was posted to YouTube and Twitter.


Deeh Pitre said the impromptu duet was a dream he never would have imagined.

While he has no formal music training, he has been a busker for the past three summers and plays with the Montreal band The Scroll.

He chose not to ask Seal to exchange contact information, but said he would be happy for the famous star to reach out.

“Any time if he wants an encore, I'm all set,” he said.

It might not be for some time though, as Seal has already left the country, posting this image to his Instagram page bidding the city farewell.


Aurevoir Montreal.

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