A South Shore man is furious that he and his extended family were left on the side of the highway when police seized his car.

David Warren was driving his brother and his niece to the airport on Sunday when he was pulled over by a Sureté du Quebec officer on Highway 15.

The officer said that Warren's car was not registered, although Warren says the $281 fee was paid in early June.

"When he came back to the car I tried to show him the information that I had but he wouldn't look at it," said Warren.

With his daughter crying in the seat beside him Warren's brother recorded the incident, and the officer is clearly heard saying he does not have to listen to Warren's explanation.

"No, I don't have to," said the officer. "I'm just doing my job."

After handing Warren the $482 ticket and explaining that if he had proof of payment he would just have to mail it to the government.

He also told Warren his car was going to be seized and towed away.

When Warren asked how he was supposed to get his family to the airport, the officer told him to call a taxi or a friend.

Warren found it unbelievable that the SQ was ready to abandon a young child on the side of the highway.

"There was no effort on his part to make any alternative arrangement," said Warren.

Once the officer left, Warren was able to convince the tow truck driver to bring his family to a service station where they were able to call a taxi.

The founder of a company that fights tickets believes the officer could have exercised his powers with more compassion.

"The police officer could have exercised his discretion still giving a ticket but not necessarily towing the car," said Avy Levy.

The SQ is not commenting on the incident, and Warren is trying to figure out why the SAAQ did not correctly record his payment.