MONTREAL -- Sandwiched between the Champlain Bridge and the Bonaventure Expressway, the northern part of Nuns' Island has undergone extensive changes in recent years, and more changes are on the way.

The city of Montreal is planning for more development in the region, and on Monday Verdun residents packed an information session to learn what was in store.

Jean-Francois Parenteau, mayor of the borough, said the city's long-term vision is not set in store.

"We asking the population what do you want and what do you need exactly," said Parenteau.

The current plan is for thousands of residential units, likely high-rise condomininiums, along with plenty of commercial development.

However Parenteau wants to make sure the region has services that make people feel at home.

"Library, school, daycare, sports centres, so that's why it's really important. And the transit. What do you need for the transit, for the future which kind of transit do you want?" said Parenteau.

People will have several ways to provide feedback and input on the region.

The Public Consultation Office is soliciting input online, and the city has an interactive map where residents can pinpoint what they would like to see.

Another hearing about development is planned for the end of October.

"It's kind of their last chance to make their voice heard before the city adopts the special planning program," said Dominique Ollivier of the OPCM.

One resident, Philippe Bedard, said his main concern was to make sure people who had difficulty walking could use what will be developed.

"It's pretty normal to do that. We're in 2019. So it should be, it's the law, just here to make sure everything is accessible in the future," said Philippe Bedard.

The OPCM will issue a final report later this year.