Renovation work at the Lakeshore General Hospital has some patients and their families on edge.

The hospital is expanding its intensive care unit, creating noise some say is unbearable.

Jennifer Roy says her father’s recovery has suffered as a result.

“I don’t think it’s good for anybody’s recovery. They’re supposed to be sleeping, they’re supposed to be relaxing, they’re supposed to be getting better. They’re too tired for their physiotherapy. They’re too tired – in my father’s case – to eat this morning,” said Roy.

Roy and her mother complained to the administration about the noise and were told that the work in the ICU has to be done and that everyone was advised it was going to be noisy.

“We do understand that it’s not the best situation definitely for the people around the intensive care unit. The work has to be done. There’s no right time,” said CIUSSS spokesperson Claire Roy.

Four additional beds are being added to the intensive care unit at the Lakeshore General but the renovation work has run into a snag: a concrete slab that is proving very difficult to remove.

“The job began at the end of last week. It was supposed to be a very normal procedure, a very easy one, but unfortunately as we know sometimes in renovations, some unexpected things are coming up and this is one of those cases and we’re very sorry,” said Claire Roy.

The work should be completed by Wednesday.