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Noise complaints amplify ahead of REM launch next week

In less than a week, the REM will transport passengers between Montreal's South Shore and downtown.

For months now, the train's noise has become part of the scenery for residents of Griffintown.

The train passes just metres in front of several high-rise condo buildings.

For some, the noise is unbearable, but for others, not so much.

"I've been hearing that people are filing complaints about the noise for the REM, which is a bit ridiculous in my opinion," said Lauren Richmond. "We knew that this was being built."

Rebeka Brossard moved into her condo that faces the REM about a month ago.

"It doesn't bother me that much," Brossard said. "If the door is open, it's a bit annoying if I go on my terrace."

Further north, residents of the Town of Mount Royal (TMR) are watching closely. The REM is set to launch in that part of the city by the end of 2024, and there are a lot of concerns.

"We're going to have trains running every 2 minutes through the middle of our community," said TMR Mayor Peter Malouf.

He says TMR recently passed a motion calling on CDPQ Infra, the train's developer, to put in place noise-reducing measures.

TMR wants the train tracks lowered in the portion that passes through the town.

"Had they lowered the tracks there, we could have greened over the space, over the REM, and it would have been beautiful," Malouf said.

TMR resident Catalin Zimbresteanu worries about the train's impact on his family.

"Sunday now, we'll be with 400 trains," Zimbresteanu said. "What kind of weekend will I have in my backyard with 400 trains?"

CDPQ Infra says it is "not satisfied with the current situation in certain areas of the network."

Emmanuelle Rouillard-Moreau says 240 metres of "dampers" will be installed in the Lachine Canal sector.

"Preliminary results are promising, with the dampers helping to reduce noise at source," Rouillard-Moreau said.

This weekend people can ride the REM for free. It's official launch is set for Monday, July 31. Top Stories

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