MONTREAL -- Students in several Quebec school boards will be in class a little longer to make up for cancelled exams this year.  

Normally, students would conclude regular classes in early June, then enter an exam period where they might not be in school every day. 

But, with provincial exams cancelled, several boards have opted to call off regular year-end exams too. 

Instead of entering the regular exam period in June, students in the EMSB, New Frontiers, Lester B. Pearson and the Eastern Townships school boards will remain in class until June 23. 

Lester B. says they are considering other ways to evaluate students before the summer break. 

With March Break beginning on Saturday, schools are reminding parents to remain vigilant during March break and follow COVID-19 health guidelines. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should not return to school on March 8, when classes resume.

Elementary-school students in all schools across the greater Montreal area will have to wear a medical mask in class after spring break.