MONTREAL - Melissa Thibodeau stepped into the studio to offer tips on how to consume in a manner more kind to Mother Nature for the 20th International Earth Day on Friday April 22.

One suggestion involved putting meat aside once a week.

Meatless Monday is, she said, "a great way to decrease your carbon footprint."

Another was to buy used.

"There's no shame anymore in buying gently-used furniture," she said.

Those seeking to dump old furniture shouldn't toss it out. "Put it up for sale. You'll make a bit or money. Or donate it. It prevents our natural resources like hardwood from going into landfills."

Thibodeau likes environmentally-friendly cleaning products such as those put out by Bio Spectra. "They're carbon neutral, the company has put thought effort and money into in. They want to leave the planet in better shape," she said.

Another company she favours is Ecojot which makes recycled paper notebooks.

"Manufacturing outside of Canada wasn't an option for them," she said. "Plus they've donated thousands of items to children in need around the world."

More tips can be found on her blog.