The war between late night bar patrons and people who live near nightclubs will likely never end.

But in an attempt to create understanding and protect Montreal's joie de vivre, merchants are pushing city officials to adopt a Nightlife Charter.

Mike Parente, director of the Plaza St. Hubert Business Development Group and Treasurer of the city-wide BDG Association of Montreal (ASDCM), says Montreal needs to protect its thriving nightlife.

"If we want to continue being known as a cultural centre of North America and of the world, then nightlife is a very important part of it, and we need to protect it as best we can," said Parente.

He says noise complaints have increased since smoking was in public places, and feels fines for nightclubs is not the best way to deal with the issue.

"We see the aspect of informing people and asking people through mediation to quiet down and whatnot," said Parente.

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