MONTREAL - Anne-France Goldwater is bringing the court TV tradition to Quebec in a French-language TV show that she will be hosting called L'Arbitre (The Referee).

She visited with CTV Montreal to talk about the upcoming program and showed up with guns blazing.

Goldwater has learned to be a straight shooter in her 30 years in the family law business, rising to prominence recently by heading a lawsuit in the famous Lola palimony case in which she tried to get a better settlement for the former spouse of an anonymous Quebec billionaire.

She attributes her telegenic appeal to an "anglo brashness" and the fearlessness that one learns in years of battling before a judge.

"You have to have a willingness to deal with confrontation and an ability to have a balls-out attitude all the time, being able to keep it out there without having to worry about political correctness," she said.

She says that her TV persona will be uncompromising in the quest for truth. "I have fantasies about how far I might go," she said. "I hope I can project the persona as somebody who cares and listens. I will show respect for them, but at the same time I will have no tolerance for nonsense."

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