Vito Rizzuto has been in a U.S. prison for the past five years.

During that time his father, his son, a brother-in-law and a close friend have all been murdered.

But when Rizzuto gets out next month, what will happen to the man known as the godfather of the Montreal mafia.

Julian Sher is a feature writer for the Toronto Star, and an expert on organized crime.

According to him, the Ontario-based mafia, known as the 'Ndrangheta clan, has been trying to grab power from the Sicilian mafia that operates in Montreal.

"When Vito comes back to Canada, will he be able to re-assert control and what does he have to do to grab that control?" said Sher.

While Rizzuto was in prison, "his standing has increased because he didn't flip, he didn't become a snitch."

Watch the full interview to find out why the Toronto mafia and Montreal mafia are trying to gain control of Montreal's Port.