Justin Trudeau has been skating around some statements he recently made concerning the long gun registry.

Trudeau said the registry was a failed policy, but that he would still vote to support it

Bruce Hicks, political analyst, said Trudeau was being honest about a very complicated issue, and trying to set himself up in the Liberal leadership race as a great conciliator.

"He would not have done the National Energy Policy. That is one of the first things he said, because it was too divisive," said Hicks.

The analyst said admitting the flaws of the gun registry is part of the same idea.

There are a lot of Liberals who hated the long-gun registry and the Liberals are still fairly solid in urban Canada but they've got to be reaching out into rural Canada and maintain their strength in the Maritimes where rifles are big part of day-to-day life for a lot of folk."

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