An overpass that was built last year in Verdun is being demolished because it doesn't match the updated plans for the Champlain Bridge and Highway 15.

It means $11 million of taxpayer money has been wasted.

The massive project to build a replacement for the Champlain Bridge has required the construction of several temporary bridges and overpasses bound for Nuns' Island.

However this overpass, which crosses Wellington St., was not one of them.

The original structure was demolished in 2014 then rebuilt in 2015 as a two-lane structure in order to match up better with the new Champlain.

However in the meantime, the plans for the new bridge, and the highway leading to it, changed to have a third lane and that meant the overpass was now too small.

That means the freshly-built bridge has to be demolished and rebuilt according to the new specifications.

The consortium building the Champlain, knows as Signature on the Saint Lawrence, said it's not their fault the specifications changed after the fact.