MONTREAL—Following an 18-month black hole without it, the Montreal Planetarium will open its doors to the public on Saturday.

The $48 million project that replaced the Dow Planetarium is finished and the newly built site next to the Biodome is offering kids and adults alike the chance to marvel at the secrets of the universe in a new, improved setting.

Dubbed the largest natural sciences museum in Canada welcomed government officials and local dignitaries for a sneak peek on Thursday, including Mayor Michael Applebaum who called the centre “a very valuable scientific instrument.”

Drive a rover on Mars, check out Quebec's largest collection of meteorites, or chill out in Chaos Theatre’s bean bag chairs and enjoy Continuum, a cosmic fable created by a pair of Montreal filmmakers and set to the music of Philip Glass.

“It gave us a great freedom to create a show in the first dome which is totally without words, explanation,” filmmaker Michel Lemieux explained. “It’s just about the beauty of the universe.”

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