Taxi customers in Montreal will soon have the chance to instantly provide feedback on their ride.

That's one part of a new code of conduct the Taxi Bureau is imposing on drivers as a way of improving the customer experience.

The Bureau will soon display the new Code of Conduct inside every taxi in Montreal that will tell passengers what they should expect.

The basic rules include:

  • offering a welcoming and courteous service
  • driving a clean car
  • accepting service animals
  • no talking on the phone
  • accepting credit and debit cards

"It's basically a reminder of the best practices in the customer service for both taxi drivers and there's also a section for clients," said the Taxi Bureau's Renaud Beauchemin.

Customers will also have the opportunity to rate their drivers.

"We believe this is a tool that will improve the relations between taxi and clients. The relations are good but we think this will improve them," said Beauchemin.

The Bureau believes this will help drivers face the competition including Uber and Teo Taxi.

Some drivers told CTV they didn't see the point, but others quickly grasped that this is a way to be transparent in the smartphone era.

Anyone who finds their taxi service unacceptable will be invited to call and file a complaint with the Taxi Bureau.