MONTREAL -- Summer is fast approaching and many Montrealers are itching for more time in the sun, especially those who have spent months indoors working from home.

Starting this week, those working remotely will have a new option.

An outdoor remote working station is now open and free to use 24 hours a day on St. Laurent Blvd. in the heart of the city.

"Working from home, alone, all year, is very sad," said Air Commun co-founder Emilie Wake.

Wake is a creator of Ilots D'Ete, a network of 24 outdoor work pods across the Island of Montreal.

"We have wifi and plugs, electricity plugs, so people can bring their laptops," she said.

The pods allow people to work without appointment all day.

Wake said the response has been positive thus far with workers happy to get out of the house to work.

Psychologists have long touted the importance of outdoor social connection especially for those trapped indoors for work.

"For a society to be healthy, there has to be communal spaces for people to come together, either to do things silently together or to do things in a more collective manner," said Dr. Robert Edward Whitley of McGill University. "I think any measures that encourage people to get outside and to socialize and to do things together should definitely be encouraged."