MONTREAL -- Quebec is reportedly set to announce new COVID-19 containment measures for bars and pubs on Thursday, and some of the province’s bar owners are already very upset about them.

“The new measures that the Quebec government will announce during its press briefing Thursday afternoon will lead to hundreds of bar owners going bankrupt,” said Renaud Poulin, the CEO of the Quebec Corporation of Bar, Brewery and Tavern Owners, in a press release late Wednesday.

He also said the measures would “endanger the survival of thousands of businesses.”

He didn’t hint at what the new rules actually are, though another industry leader has described some of the discussions that happened earlier this week.

Poulin said the government had double-crossed bar owners and was failing to give them “fair and equitable” treatment.

“This government has lied to us since the very beginning of the crisis by promising to respect our industry,” he said.