A new exhibit at the Mccord Museum will celebrate famed fashion designer Jean-Claude Poitras.

Poitras is known for his vintage looks; his clothes sport intense colours, and he wanted people to surprise him by making the looks their own. 

"I think the Poitras style is not a pretty or girly style. It's more severe and stripped-down and elegant," said Alexis Walker, curatorial assistant at the museum. 

Cinema, family and travel inspired the designer's garments, which are on display alongside his sketches, archival photos and videos.

"I love the idea of being rembered as a man of style more than a man of trends," Poitras told CTV News. "I hate fashion because of that idea of fast fashion. I'm much more into the slow fashion experience ... a lot of people tell me 'there's a timeless beauty in your garments.'"

You can see Jean-Claude Poitras' work at the Mccord Museum starting Thursday. 

With files from Christine Long