MONTREAL -- A new era for the Quebec Liberal Party began today in Quebec City.

Newly minted leader Dominique Anglade entered the Salon Rouge this morning, to applause, as the party's began its first caucus with Anglade at the helm.

Anglade is the member from Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne, a Montreal riding. She's spent the summer touring the regions as new party leader but said Thursday that it's time to get down to business.

She is the first woman of colour to lead a provincial party in Quebec, and the first woman to lead the provincial Liberals.

Her first point of attack was CAQ Premier Francois Legault's economic nationalism plan. The premier has said he wants to make local manufacturing a priority for the second half of his government's term.

Anglade said she's worried the policy will mean that the CAQ government will pick and choose sectors that will get financial help, and that the plan doesn't reflect the modern economic world.

She said the model needs to be sustainable, and she wants the government to look to largely ignored sectors such as artificial intelligence and climate change.

"There's one that is an enormous one... it's the whole sector of climate change," she said. "It's a significant one, it's in your face, you don't even have to anticipate. It's there."

She criticized the CAQ's Bill 44 on climate change, which promotes more electric transport.

The Liberal caucus continues Friday, with the Quebec Solidaire and CAQ caucuses scheduled for next week.

The first session of the National Assembly is scheduled for Sept. 15.