The woman who wants to defeat Mayor Denis Coderre in Montreal’s municipal election this fall has a quirky new ad.

Projet Montreal leader Valerie Plante is described as ‘l'Homme de la situation,’ a common French phrase meaning ‘the right man for the job.’

Plante said the eye-catching ad is part of a strategy to get people talking about the party.

Turning the classic expression on its head, Plante said, make people think the right man for the mayor's post might be this woman. It also serves to make more people aware of Plante and her policies, she said.

The campaign poster has been installed at De Lorimier Ave. and Ste-Catherine St. and will be part of a social media campaign.

Plante said Projet Montreal has moved beyond its Plateau Mont-Royal grassroots and wants to appeal citywide.

“Using this well-known expression -- when we use it, we mean that's a person that we trust that has the ability to find a problem and also to solve it. Those qualities, I have, so this is how we wanted to be again, to poke fun at a well-known expression, to get people reacting to this expression again, and it's working,” she said.

Projet Montreal is working with an advertising firm and promises other ads that will get people talking in the run-up to the election on Nov. 5.